They won't pay you
for using


but we will.

No more shopping on third party sites or trying coupons that don't work. Earn cash back on every Amazon purchase with our new and in-development extension.

Royalty Gaming Laptop ;)

Another money saving extension, so what?

Unlike other extensions like Honey or Rakuten, we don't force you to shop on less popular third party sites, or pretend to apply coupons at checkout.

We offer 2% cash back on all your Amazon purchases.

Royalty Wallet extension skeumorphic icon


Install Royalty Wallet from our Chrome Web Store page.


Shop just like normal, we'll handle everything.


Earn 2% cash back on every valid purchase you make.

Try The Demo

See how Royalty Wallet will work once you add it to your browser.

Add Royalty Wallet to your browser and create your account. Be sure to pin the extension icon so you can check your balance easily.

Activate your 2% cashback when prompted by clicking through the displayed buttons. Don't worry, you don't need to do this every time you visit Amazon.

Earn 2% cash back on every purchase you make on Amazon. Check your account balance in the extension every once in a while to see how much you've earned!